Aggie Zed
A book of Aggie’s show at the Halsey is now available on “Aggie Zed: Keeper’s Keep”
“A catalog of sculpture, installations, paintings, and drawings that chart Zed’s unique work.
Prominent and popular regional artist got her start in Richmond
By Jo Lord
Richmond Times Dispatch
Not just kids' toys
By Amanda Dalla Villa Adams
Style Weekly
A to Z : The Capricious world of Aggie Zed
A to Z : The Capricious world of Aggie Zed
Nashville Arts Magazine
Aggie Zed Speaks on Sullivan’s
By Bridget Manzella
Island Eye News​
Video interview with Aggie about her acclaimed show, 'Keeper's Keep.'

Aggie Zed lets your imagination run wild 
​By Elizabeth Pandolfi
Charleston City Paper
Mechanic of anatomy: Zed springs into future fantasies
By Laura Parsons
The Hook

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The wild art of Aggie Zed
By Emma Schkloven
The News & Advance