Aggie Zed
​selected one/two person shows
2017 Various & Sundry Items, with Michael Fitts, Chroma Projects,
Charlottesville, Virginia

2016 Ta Da, with Ginna Cullen, Rivermont Studios, Lynchburg, Virginia

2015 Aggie Zed: Keeper’s Keep, Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, Virginia

2014 More Visual Fictions, The Arts Company, Nashville, Tennessee
Aggie Zed : Keeper’s Keep, Historic City Hall Arts & Cultural Center,
Lake Charles, Louisiana

2013 Aggie Zed: Keeper’s Keep, Visual Arts Center of Richmond,

2012 Down to Earth, Recent Paintings and Sculpture, B Deemer Gallery, Louisville, KY

 Aggie Zed: Keeper's Keep, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, College of Charleston, Charleston,South Carolina

2011 From A to Z, Sculpture and Painting, Nina Liu and Friends Gallery,Charleston, South Carolina

2010 Miraculous, with John Morgan, Chroma Projects, Charlottesville,Virginia

2009 Sculpture and Painting, Perspective Gallery at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg,Virginia

  Sculpture and Painting, with Bill Moretz, Rivermont Studios, Lynchburg, Virginia

2007 It's About Time, with John Morgan, Avenue Arts, Lynchburg, Virginia

2006 Aggie Zed-Recent Work, B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky

2004 Things Do Bite Back, with John Morgan, Nina Liu and Friends, Charleston, South Carolina

  Know Show, Paintings, with John Morgan, Astra Design, Richmond, Virginia

  Paintings, B. Deemer Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky

2003 Sculpture and Paintings, Nina Liu and Friends Gallery, Charleston, SC

2001 Scrap Floats and Jetsam, Astra Design, Richmond, Virginia

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